Top 10 Best Laptop Desks and Stands in India

Last Updated on January 18, 2021

A laptop stand allows you to maintain eye contact with your laptop and therefore, you don’t have to bend your neck all the time. This results in better posture and no neck strain even after long hours.

During the lockdown period, due to the advent of pandemic, working from home has become common. The emergency for everyone to work from home has developed a need for accessories that simplify the process, provide facility and ambiance like the work place. To say more specifically it’s hard for a IT employee to work all day sitting on a couch, in this article we have primarily discussed this issue and provided some valuable information on accessories that will help.

On average a IT employee should work for 8 hours a day, in conditions unlike the work place. Sitting on a couch or chair, you may soon develop back pain. So how do we feasibly tackle this problem. To solve this problem, one should be able to work in comfortable sitting styles. We came to a conclusion that a Laptop stand can be handy but can play a key role in satisfying this need. Sit any where just get your Laptop stand and work, say bye to back pain, and discomfort in holding laptop. Today we have brought you some best quality Laptop Stands. We listed different type of stands which nearly serve similar set of features, but are of different designs. Please check all the listings and get your self the best fit.

If you do not have time to go through the whole article, then you can choose among our top picks for the best laptop stand in India:

Buying Guide for the Best Laptop Stand in India

1. Ergonomics

The first and probably the most important thing you should look at when purchasing a laptop stand is how it enables you to work better and more comfortably.

2. Cost

And coming to the budget, the stand should provide value for the price you are paying. However, you also have to take into consideration that a laptop stand is something that you might buy once in around 5 years, so it makes sense to spend a little extra if you get quality.

3. Material Type

Laptop stands come in different materials. Materials like stainless steel or aluminium will be heavier than plastic ones. So you have to take into consideration that whether you want your stand to be heavier or lighter.

Benefits of a Laptop Stand

1. Reduces Neck Strain

You don’t have to bend your neck the whole day to meet the laptop with your eye-line. This reduces the strain on your neck you usually would have.

2. Efficiency

Having your laptop at eye level adds a certain level of speed and efficiency every minute. This adds up throughout the day and you will definitely find yourself getting more work done.

3. Cooling

Most laptops have ventilation by the side and bottom. A laptop stand allows more breathing room for your laptop and some stands come with fans fitted to enhance the cooling.

4. Portable & Versatile

Some laptop stands are made for desks, some for bed and some for standing. They allow you to use your laptop in a variety of settings and positions for your comfort.

List of the best Laptop Stand in India

1. Callas Multipurpose Foldable Laptop Table

Callas Multipurpose Foldable Laptop Table
  • Soft texture surface which grips the objects and laptop
  • Storage drawer which comforts you to place note pads, pens, USB cables or other small accessories
  • The stand doesn’t slip
  • Cup Holder is there if we want to place the drinks
  • The height of the stand is not adjustable
  • It may seem smaller with big laptops
  • The mobile/tablet slots could be deeper

This Laptop stand comes with a Tablet Holder, which can help you hold your iPad or Android tablet.

This stand is provided with bands at the four corners to not let the stand slip on the ground or any surface. It alsohas can place your drink.

It is there if you want to keep little but important things.

The Laptop stand by callas is sturdy and we’ll designed. One can use it to place laptop, mouse and work. Work any where on bed, ground or mat. This should satisfy your needs as an employee.

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2. MemeHo® Smart Multi-Purpose Laptop Table

MemeHo® Smart Multi-Purpose Laptop Table
  • The Laptop stand has a sturdy look and also is strong.
  • Reasonable price
  • Can also be used anywhere
  • Comes in 5 different colour
  • The stand is sturdy but the joints are a bit weak


Tablet Holder : The Laptop stand also has a tablet holder.

Different colours : The stand comes in 5 colours .

Usage : use it on bed or mat, any where.

Non slip bands : the metal tubes has non slip bands which restrict the stand to slip.

The Laptop stand from MemeHo is sturdy and nice looking. The stand is available in 5 different colours. You are definitely going to like it.

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3. MULTI – TABLE Foldable and Adjustable Premium Multi Purpose Utility Table

MULTI - TABLE Foldable and Adjustable Premium Multi Purpose Utility Table
  • Adjustable height and slant
  • Portable
  • Large table top
  • Good quality
  • Assembly part is a bit complex.
  • The product seems a little bit over priced.


Compactness : the stand is compact and can be easily settled in a place.

L – shaped legs : the legs of the stand are L shaped.

Adjustable height : the height of the stand can be adjusted upto 6 levels.

Slantness adjustment : the board can be adjusted slantly upto 3 levels.

Large table top : The Laptop stand has a large table top

Multi use : can be used for food and binge watching.

The multi Table laptop stand is made up of high grade plastic, and it is highly portable to carry. The adjustability and adoptability makes it even better value for money.

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4. Portronics My Buddy Lite Plus Adjustable & Foldable Laptop Stand

Portronics My Buddy Lite Plus Adjustable & Foldable Laptop Stand
  • Ergonomic Design of the stand
  • Height adjustability
  • Adjustable Notch
  • Well built
  • The clips holding the laptop may cause discomfort while working on the laptop
  • Seems a bit smaller for big laptops


Design : The Laptop stand is unique with its design, the ergonomic design supports the body structure and relives us of neck pain and back pain.

Specificity : The stand is specifically made for laptops and serves the purpose well.

Height adjustment : The stand can be adjusted in 3 heights.

Structure : The structure of the the stand supports good ventilation for the laptops.

Adjustable Notch : The stand has a adjustable Notch which can be set according to the thickness of the Laptop.

The Portronics My Buddy stand is specifically built for laptop and can serve the purpose well. The ergonomic design gives us the correct angle to our eyes. It has 3 adjustable heights. The sturdiness of the stand gives it good life.

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5. Portronics POR-895 Adjustable Laptop Table

Portronics POR-895 Adjustable Laptop Table
  • Design is elegant and smooth
  • Comfortable as it has flaps to hold the laptop.
  • Adjustable in height and slant.
  • The product seems to be over priced.
  • The build is good but not that durable.
  • Product


Modernity : This is a advanced Laptop table. Which offers some specific features.

Cooling  Fan : The Laptop stand provides a cooling fan to desipate the heat from the laptop.

Comfort : the top table of the table is adjustable in different angles.

Height adjustment : the table can be Adjusted for comfort and usability.

The Portronics adjustable laptop stand is made using modern technology. It comes with fan in built-in to cool down the lap. It has adjustable height and slant. Should be a great pick.

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6. Gizga Essentials Laptop Stand

Gizga Essentials Laptop Stand
  • The ergonomic design of the stand supports a lot.
  • Portability is nice, and a handle to carry anywhere easily.
  • Sturdy and durable
  • High quality plastic is used.
  • It is all made of plastic


Highly potable : the laptop stand from gizga is highly portable

Easy to use : Ergonomic design for comfort in viewing.

Adjustablilty : The angle adjustment and height adjustment is there.

Protection : Silicon protecters are there to prevent laptop from slipping.

Anti slip : the stand has a anti slip base which gives you a firm position.

High quality : High quality plastic is used in making of the Laptop stand.

This a stand which is for professional IT guys or developers, the stand gives you a firm ground grip and corrects your angle of viewing. Height adjustment and angle adjustment is there is you want. Design is Ergonomic. The price is very reasonable.

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7. Proffisy Laptop Stand Adjustable Computer Stand Ergonomic Portable Tablet Stand

Proffisy Laptop Stand Adjustable Computer Stand Ergonomic Portable Tablet Stand
  • The Laptop stand is very unique
  • Sleek and portable
  • Can be used with multiple type of devices
  • Metal body is durable
  • The price seems a bit higher


Convience : The stand is convenient to carry and also to use

Usability : The stand is designed in such a way that it can be used with mobiles, tablets and laptops

Slide proof : The stand has hinges at the bottom which prevent the devices from sliding

Base : The base is steady in ground and doesn’t slip at all

Adjustment : The stand can be adjusted upto 6 heights and angles to support the view of its users

Portable : The stand is very portable and can be carried witha single hand, Yet highly functional

The proffisy Laptop and mobile stand is very unique in design and serves well in purpose.

Sleek and portable, can be carried any where. Can be adjusted to use with mobiles, tablets or laps. Metal make gives good durability.

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8. STRIFF Adjustable Laptop Stand

STRIFF Adjustable Laptop Stand
  • Ultra portable
  • Ventilated stand
  • Metal body
  • Height and angle adjustment
  • Price


    Portable : Striff stand is very portable and can be carried very easily.

    Usability : The laptop stand can be used with books and  laptops.

    Posture angles : One can correct his posture by setting the angle apt for laptop viewing.

    Adjustablilty : The laptop stand is adjustable upto 7 positions.

    Uniqueness : The Striff is a uniquely designed product which stands out of the competition with its adoptability, functionality.

    The Striff Laptop stand is great for posture corrections. It is portable and light. The stand can be used as a laptop stand and can also be used for book reading. It comes with a free mobile stand. Angle and height adjustablilty is there.

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