The Best Apps to Order Medicines Online in India

Last Updated on June 3, 2019

It’s the digital age. You can order anything online now. From transportation to food to even medicines. All from your smartphone.

And the great part is that you get great offers in the form of discounts and cash backs if you pay through different mobile wallets. This is all on top of the convenience offerred by getting your medicines at home.

Without further ado, here are the best apps to order medicines online. You will have to follow the procedures and requirements of each app for the order to go through (like uploading prescriptions etc.)

1. 1mg

1mg is one of the oldest and most well-known companies in this space. Started under the name of HealthKart Plus in 2013, it has morphed and grown into one of the biggest e-pharmacies in the country.

They have partnerships with local pharmacies where they deliver your medicines ordered. You have to upload photos of prescriptions and the process is smooth throughout.

Screenshot of 1mg app.

Discounts usually range in the 10-15% area and go up to 25-30% with mobile wallet cashbacks. After uploading your prescription, you can type out the medicines you want and in what quantity. From there on, it will be verified and you will get the prices of the medicines listed in your order and you can pay for the order online after which it will arrive at your doorstep.

2. NetMeds

Promoted by the Dhadha family which has been in the pharmaceutical business for over 100 years, Netmeds is on the biggest online e-pharmacies in India.

You can upload your prescription and select the medicines you want and the quantity of the medicines. And after getting verified, you can place your order.

You get different forms of cashbacks and offers with mobile wallets. Discounts range from 10-15% mostly. Delivery is smooth and customer support is good.

3. MedLife

Medlife Logo

MedLife is one of the biggest online pharmacies in India. The unique thing about MedLife is that it’s packages come with a seal of MedLife across the box so that you know it is not tampered with.

It also has discounts in the range of 20% and above on almost all items coupled with cashback offers. It has most medicines in stock and the customer service experience has been smooth.

4. Practo

Practo is the most popular platform in India for booking appointments for doctors. It also has a pharmacy platform where you can order medicines from.

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