Is Amazon Prime Worth It in India?

Last Updated on October 15, 2020

In Heisenberg-speak, the answer to this question is simple:

But seriously, Amazon Prime is amazing in the value that it offers specially in India.

From streaming movies to two-day (or same day) order deliveries to unlimited music, this is one hell of a bargain.

Priced currently at Rs. 999 per year, we break it down why Amazon Prime is worth every rupee:

1. Free Deliveries

Amazon currently does not charge for shipping Amazon-fulfilled products in India above Rs. 499 for non-prime users like they do in other countries. But they will soon and after that, you will have to pay for delivery on every order.

Having Amazon Prime’s membership ensures you won’t be charged for delivery on any order even if they do start charging for shipping.

This benefit is hard to quantify as most users get free delivery if their orders are above Rs. 499 in aggregate. However, we expect this to go up.

Some cities even have Prime delivery which is same-day delivery. These are:

2. Prime Video

Prime Video boasts a ton of content in many different languages. You can catch up on classic shows like The Office or movies like Fight Club.

It is still the cheapest video streaming service on the web. For Rs. 999 a year, you get access to Prime Video for the whole year whereas streaming services like Netflix go for Rs. 600/month.

Some of the great shows on display are:

  1. The Boys
  2. All or Nothing
  3. Fleabag
  4. Mad Men
  5. Planet Earth II

3. Prime Music

Prime Music is the music subscription service of Amazon. Even though it is not as good as its rivals like Spotify or Apple Music, you still get it along with your prime subscription.

Prime Music has tight integration with Amazon Alexa devices. You can navigate the app through voice commands pretty effortlessly and it makes for a cool party trick.

4. Prime Reading

If video and audio isn’t your thing, Amazon is throwing books to attract you. With the prime membership, you can access a collection of books that you can read on your Kindle or any other device for free.

The collection is updated and modified in time by Amazon.

5. Cashbacks on ICICI-partnered credit card

If books, movies and audio is not enough, how about money? Yup, Amazon has partnered with ICICI for a credit card which gives 5% cashback on all Amazon purchases by prime users. Apart from that, you will get 1-2% on all spends outside of Amazon.

The cashback will be in the form of Amazon Pay balance.

However, Amazon also offers this credit card to non-prime users but they only get 3% cashback on all purchases.

6. Early access to deals and sales

Whenever there is a big sale like the one on Diwali or on Prime Day, Prime users always get early access to deals.

So if you do not want to miss out on some really amazing deals during sale times, having a prime account is necessary.

On Prime day, all the deals are only available to Prime users.

7. Upcoming features

Prime users in America and other countries have more features and benefits along with their prime membership.

These might land in India anytime soon. Some of them are:

  1. Prime Photos – free unlimited photo storage
  2. Prime Gaming – get in-game content with partnered games for free with your Prime subscription.

After all this… is the prime membership worth it in India?

As you can see, you save up a lot, get access to a video streaming service, a music streaming service, free delivery and free delivery on 99% of items on Amazon.

It is hard to argue against this deal. Rs. 999 per year is a steal for this.

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